KC Cali


KC Cali grew up in rural Vermont and spent most of her time as a kid running wild with siblings in the extensive woods and fields that surrounded her family home. The independence and solitude of her childhood fueled her vivid imagination and she spent as much time as possible drawing.

KC Cali earned a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. After graduation, she went to work as a graphic designer and built an award-winning career as a designer and art director. Recently, KC made the decision to stop designing as a full time job and concentrate her creative energy on her painting and drawing.

"Painting is the way I enjoy the color and drama of everyday life. I’m fascinated by the visual harmony and emotional undercurrents I see everywhere and I want to capture those observations through visual expression so each one be shared.

I’m constantly on the lookout for the next painting. There is a distinct instant of excitement and joy when I see something that has that potential.  

I sometimes feel like I’m in a conversation with the painting as I work to transfer what I felt onto the canvas so that the viewer can see what I saw and fall in love with it as I did, for their own reasons. I feel that even if we never meet, we can share and connect without words but with appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world around us."

Her work can be seen at www.kccaliartist.com